ALTABATT+ is an authorised waste treatment manager

Battery remanufacturing technology involves dismantling and electrical testing to characterise the state of each individual cell batteries are made up. As an authorised waste treatment manager, ALTABATT+ has researched this technology and can produce batteries and assemble them in storage units for solar PV installations.

We are currently operating a first pilot plant in Madrid (Spain) and have already produced a few prototypes. After a one-year running period, we will be ready to replicate the plant in other European locations; the standard plant has a capacity to process 500,000 EV’s cells yearly, to produce 2,000 5.0 kWh – ESS modules and employees an average of 10 workers. 

Our Business Plan aims at opening 25 plants by 2025 and 300 plants by 2030 to attain a share of 5% of the global SLB market .