Initially, ALTABATT+ is manufacturing modular 2.5 kWh-storage units, plug-and-play, based on lithium technology, for residential solar PV installations. Other uses are being also explored.

To fine-tune and enhance our production line, we are currently carrying out an ambitious R+D+I plan targeted at making us more energy- and process-efficient, so this translates into less energy costs in energy, larger production, higher quality and better warranty schemes for our customers. 
We are progressively gaining the confidence of the automotive industry to guarantee a constant flow of retired batteries to our plants. Top HSE policies are enforced for both our production and our products. In exchange, ALTABATT+ is ready to assume the responsibility to deal with such waste, which is most often repurposed in an artisanal way without any transformation or (unfortunately) is simply treated as regular waste.

from ev...

...to pv

ESS from retired EV batteries can be at least 30% less expensive, and yet carry the same warranty as a new battery.