because We are passionate about CIRCULAR ECONOMY AND a HEALTHY planet

Solar photovoltaic panels (PV) can now produce sustainable and low-cost energy. And they are the corner stone for a low-carbon and healthy planet. However, this energy needs to be stored which requires expensive energy-storage systems (ESS). Getting prices down is a must and Circular Economy is the right fulcrum for. 

Instead of being sent to scrapping and recycling, retired batteries from electric vehicles (cars, trucks, motorbikes, scooters) at the end of their mobility life are still useful.

our job:


Upon reaching a time in their life cycle, EV batteries without an optimal performance do not serve for mobility purposes and must be replaced. Yet, their cells can still be used in stationary facilities for many years

ALTABATT+´s innovative technology allows remanufacturing second-life batteries (SLB) into high-quality, low-cost batteries that offer a better performance, reliability, and safety than simply repurposed batteries.

OUR Market

We will be delighted to help the renewable energy actors to deploy a fair carbon transition by providing low-cost EES to small and medium solar PV  installations. But others will hear from us too. The European second-life batteries (SLB) market will scale to 120 GWh/y by 2030. We want a chunk of 5% of the pie. That is c. 300 plants, with a capacity to produce 60,000 ESS a year, an ambitious growth target ALTABATT+ is ready to commit to in a decade.